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1.  Litigating the Bad Faith Case.  A basic, beginner-level paper on prosecuting an insurance bad faith case in Washington state.  Presented to a King County Bar Association seminar for lawyers and claim professionals.

2.  Combating the Insurer's Fraud Defense.  Magazine article for TRIAL magazine, October, 1998.  Addresses the common problem when an insurance company wrongly accuses its customer of claim fraud. This article has a national focus, so most of the citations are from jurisdictions other than Washington.

3.  The Coventry Decision: A Sword for First Party Benefits?   Discussion of Coventry Associates v. American States Insurance Company, 136 Wn.2d 269, 961 P.2d 933 (1998).  This is an important Washington Supreme Court case which helps to define and clarify bad faith law in Washington.  Written for a Washington Trial Lawyers Association seminar in 1999.

4.  The Good Claim File.  Mistakes by claims professionals provide ammunition for policyholder's counsel.  This paper covers some classic errors. Written for the Fifth Annual Reed McClure Insurance Law Seminar.

5.  How to Read an Insurance Policy.   It is possible to read and understand a policy.  Both practical and legal tips for lawyers.  Published in Trial News, December, 2000.

6.  Fire Insurance Claims -- Combating the Arson Defense.   Insurance companies are quick to accuse their policyholders of arson.  This paper, written for the 2001 WSTLA Insurance Law Seminar, is for the experienced trial lawyer who hasn't tried an arson defense case.

7.  Examination Under Oath: Investigative Tool or Weapon of Mass Destruction?  Written for the auto insurance lawyer, this paper addresses the use of the examination under oath in UIM and PIP claims.


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