After the firefighters leave, I can help you pick up the pieces. If the insurance company treats your disaster like a mere inconvenience, you need competent, experienced help. This page describes my services.

  • Consultation. Help with the policy requirements, representation at examinations under oath. When the insurance company has valid questions or concerns, I may be able to resolve them without a lawsuit.
  • Insurance Litigation. Coverage, arson defense, and bad faith, in State or Federal court. Innocent policyholders are often accused of arson or fraud by their own insurance companies. Sometimes a lawsuit is the only way to resolve such cases.
  • Dispute Resolution. Mediation, arbitration, and policy appraisal. Resolve the case without going to court.
  • Expert Services. Consultation, coverage investigation, claim handling analysis and expert testimony. Help for lawyers in first party cases and bad faith claims.

Although most of my practice is in the Puget Sound area, I do accept cases statewide, and associate with lawyers in other states.

Fees for litigation can be hourly, or on a contingent fee basis, with fees a percentage of the successful recovery. Expenses and costs are additional.

There is no charge for an initial telephone or email interview. I do not represent arsonists or claim cheats, but relish helping consumers who are being cheated by their own insurance company. For information on whether you need a lawyer, see Frequently Asked Questions.




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