Books about Insurance Claims 


The Adjuster: Making Insurance Claims Pay by Gordon G. Smith. The reviewers at Amazon rave about this book. I would read it myself, but adjusted claims before and during law school, and would rather forget, thank you.



Claim Paid: A Consumers Guide Through the Insurance Claims Maze by Frank R. Dumas. One of those consumer books for clients, or people who try to represent themselves.



How to Make Insurance Companies Pay Your Claims and What to Do If They Don't by Ralph Nader, William M. Shernoff, Ruth Chew. Lots of famous authors. Tell me what you think of this one.

Top Dollar Property Claims: Secrets to Successful Insurance Claim Settlements by Les Watrous. How to be an adjuster. Yes, they actually read books. Haven't read this one myself; maybe I will. Then again, maybe I won't.