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Interested in a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) practice? The focus here is one lawyer, practicing at home, without staff. If you are working harder and enjoying it less, welcome.

Sure, home law practice has its trying moments. It can also be intensely  satisfying. Technology enables one lawyer to compete effectively in the courtroom. For the first time, we can practice effectively alone, at home. 

Many successful SOHO lawyers are older, experienced attorneys with a good client base.  We want to work less, get better results for our clients and enjoy life more.  I left my small litigation firm in April, 1999, and now practice out of my basement. 

The pages below describe  my experience-- how I escaped the rat race. I once again enjoy the practice of law.

SOHO Practice for You?  Necessary skills and attributes.  Is this something you can do, or even want to try? Ideas, pros and cons. A day in the life of a lone wolf lawyer.  This section is just getting underway. Please send photos and tips.

Equipment.  Outfitting the SOHO lawyer. Here are answers to common questions  from potential SOHO lawyers. What do I need?  Where can I get it?  This section is a set of affiliate pages.  Each sponsor pays a small commission on sales, which supports the cost of this website.

  • Computers.   Choosing computers to power the home office. Laptop vs. desktop, specifications, and recommendations. Skip this if you're a techie.
  • Peripherals.   Printers,  copiers, and all the other add-ons to make the office work. Can you really get by with a $600 copy machine?
  • Phones.    What you need and where to get it. 
  • ScannersGetting started with this key piece of equipment.

Software.   Word processing, practice management, the works.  This section is tailored directly to the SOHO market.  The recommendations here are my own -- so there may be better products out there, but these  work for me.

Web Stuff.    How to get yourself a website.  Using the internet to enrich and simplify practice. The basics, and a few tools.

Books/Links.  Resources for the lone wolf lawyer.

Please enjoy your visit to  Perhaps you really can escape the rat race and become a better lawyer and a happier human being.




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